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Lotions & Potions

  • 210th Bath Oil 150ml
    $35.95 210th Bath Oil 150ml
    This gentle bath oil is enriched with soy oil and provides smooth and soft skin while enhancing the regenerative capacity of the skin. Elegantly packaged in a black glass bottle.  210th 150ml Item Measures...
  • 210th Body Cream 200ml
    $41.95 210th Body Cream 200ml
    This thick, rich body cream nourishes the skin and helps to care for it. The unique ingredients include anti oxidants and Vitamin E, making the skin feel silky soft. Elegantly packaged in black glass.  210th...
  • 210th Body Mask 200ml
    $41.95 210th Body Mask 200ml
    Cleanses and nourishes the skin. This body mask contains China Clay which helps exfoliate the skin. The mask has a hydrating action, making the skin feel silky soft and smooth after use. Elegantly packaged in black glass...
  • 210th Body Scrub 200ml
    $41.95 210th Body Scrub 200ml
    This softening and moisturizing body scrub will give you smooth and silky skin. Elegantly packaged in black glass.  210th 200ml Item Measures 2.25” x 3.625” Diameter 1lb 4.4oz Item Weight Packaged for...
  • 210th Shower Cream 150ml
    $35.95 210th Shower Cream 150ml
    This rich and creamy shower cream creates a wonderful sensation and nourishes the skin with its moisturizing effect.  210th 150ml Item Measures 5” x 2” Diameter 11.3oz Item Weight Packaged for...