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Sex Kitten

  • Sex Kitten Eye Mask Satin - Purple
    $4.95 Foxtails Eye Mask Satin - Purple
    Play around with the five senses. When your eyes are closed what do you taste, smell, hear and feel? This smooth, satiny eye mask stretches to fit with an elastic band. Slip into the sultry, seductive purple. Also available...
  • Sex Kitten 5 pc Love Bond Kit
    $37.95 Sex Kitten 5 pc Love Bond Kit
    Unapologetically sexy & ferociously fun!  Fully adjustable and incredibly comfortable restraints. Made of soft faux fur and sturdy nylon webbing, our 5 Piece Love Bonds set is perfect for any Sex Kitten! New...
  • Sex Kitten Adjustable Nips
    $18.95 Sex Kitten Adjustable Nips
    Naughty and nice kittens alike will love to control the amount of pressure and sensation with this style of Sex Kitten Nips! The screw at the top of the 2" clamp works like a stopper so they won't squeeze down more than you...
  • Sex Kitten Beaded Clit Clamp
    $8.95 Sex Kitten Beaded Clit Clamp
    Every glamour puss loves a little bling now and again. Loop this unique beaded clamp around the clitoral hood and tighten. Not only does it add some sparkle to your vajayjay, but the pinching offers just the right...
  • Sex Kitten Bells Nips - Pink
    $14.95 Choose Options Sex Kitten Bells Nips
    Every Sex Kitten loves her little bells and these tiny pink bells that ring with the slightest move will make her purrrrrr with pleasure everytime...3" long and a fully adjustable style so that you can choose the amount of...