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  • NPW Brief Notes Notepad
    $6.45 NPW Brief Notes Notepad
    Take down a brief note on these self-adhesive "brief notes" for a smile with every reminder.  
  • NPW F*ck Box
    $17.95 NPW F*ck Box
    WTF? Plus 15 other indispensable 'F' based profanities for every occasion. Expressive expletives at the touch of a button. Perfect for office use, phone calls, tedious meetings etc. The 16 buttons feature a pleasing variety...
  • NPW Get The Hint Loud and Clear Sticky Tabs
    $6.45 NPW Get The Hint Loud and Clear Sticky Tabs
    These adhesive lables make our true feelings known about every task, object, piece of mail or notes. Just remember to remove them before turning in that big report!
  • NPW Happy Fucking Birthday Candles
    $6.45 NPW Happy Fucking Birthday Candles
    These "who's counting" candles make a great replacement for the traditional set when you want to get a laugh or no longer have enough room on the cake! 
  • NPW Knocker Notes
    $6.45 NPW Knocker Notes
    How many different names for all the different shapes of boobs are out there? Find out with these fun self-adhesive notes!

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