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Why we chose DELO

It uses natural and botanical ingredients that we believe in
It tastes GENUINELY DELICIOUS! (Light and clean, similar to green tea)
It is easy to blend into the water we drink every day
Sexy packaging – we are packaging whores, what can we say…when it works and looks good…we just can’t help ourselves.


New to America, but already famous in Europe, DELO is the creation of French inventor and entrepreneur Marguerite Deperrois. She was the daughter of a prevalent pharmacologist and grew up interacting and learning from some of the most talented herbalists and homeopaths in France. Her passion for utilizing the natural power of plants and bringing people a better quality of life is in every capsule.

How to use it:

Step 1: Each individual box holds a booster cap with a liquid formula inside. Remove cap from 500mL bottle of water.

Step 2: Screw on desired booster cap on your DELO shaker bottle or if using a smaller bottle than 500mL you can break the seal and pour contents in water.

Step 3: Mix and drink for desired DELO effect.

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