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Aneros was the original company to bring this concept to the market, and to date, one of the most respected. Initially, their focus had been primarily about prostate health in the medical industry. Through massive outreach education to consumers, medical industry professionals, sexual well-being educators and buyers of adult novelty products, they've expanded not only their line, but also changed the concept of male sexual pleasure devices in our industry.
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  • Aneros deVice
    $69.95 Aneros deVice
    DeVice takes the award winning Vice from Aneros back to basics with its core of pure silicone. It is the first prostate massager made of solid silicone. DeVice’s battery-free design offers even more functions. It is...
  • Aneros Eupho Male Gspot Stimulator
    $49.95 Aneros Eupho Male Gspot Stimulator
    The delicately shaped Eupho has a small head and thinner stem which means that it will move more than the other Aneros models. Instead of putting pressure on the entire prostate, the Eupho massages different parts depending...
  • Aneros Eupho Syn
    $69.95 Aneros Eupho Syn
    A new evolution of Eupho has arrived Aneros Eupho Syn, a perfect synthesis of the popular prostate massager with velvet touch silicone. The Eupho Syn maintains the slim design and small head allowing for more targeted...
  • Aneros EVI
    $69.95 Aneros EVI
    Following the success of their world renowned devices for men, Evi has been designed to offer women their own hands-free experiences. Anatomically designed, the velvet-soft Evi doesn’t use vibration but instead uses...
  • Aneros Helix
    $49.95 Aneros Helix
    The Aneros converts the body's own anal-sphincter muscle contractions into fuel for itself. Each "squeeze" of the anal-sphincter causes the Aneros to pivot forward, providing a direct internal massage of the prostate. When...

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